Flipping San Diego on A&E Gets Second Season

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Apparently the execs at A&E have decided to allow Chris Bedgood, Elisa Stabile and I on TV… again! I figured the repulsive stench laden houses, our crazy antics, bickering, and our socially unacceptable behavior was sure to get us banished from ever being on TV. Needless to say we are all very excited.

Flipping San DiegoI’m grateful to A&E and Departure Films for their guidance and vision. For making our show a reality (no pun intended). I’m also grateful to everyone behind the scene. Those people who work tirelessly but don’t get their 30 seconds of fame. Producers, editors, graphic artists, sound techs, etc. And our construction and real estate teams. Without each player the entire machine just wouldn’t work as well as it does.

And then are all of you crazy people, family, friends, fans and yes… even those of you who hate us, who make the show possible.

So tune in to A&E, watch reruns, and prepare yourself for more transformation of pigs into swans. Because we have a slew of UGLY houses right now!

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  1. John Harris says:

    Rock On, Chief, Chris and Elisa!

    Love the show, looking forward to re-runs, new episodes and best wishes for another successful year!

    John Harris
    Pittsburgh, PA

  2. Parnell Speed says:


    It has been a while my friend. I miss our group calls. I have watched or recorded every single episode of the show. Congratulations on getting another run!

    Parnell Speed
    Houston, TX

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