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My name is Chief Denney (and “YES!” Chief is my real name). You probably know me best from the TV show “Flipping San Diego” on A&E. I am the son of Swiss and Italian immigrants who came to Ellis Island like so many before them and then rode a bus to San Diego with just $10 to their names. From there I was raised by a single mother and my grandparents. I grew up dirt poor and was never better than a B-C student in school (that is how I know anyone can do this – click here and I’ll teach you how).

Right now I am what you call an “A Player” in the real estate world. I’ve been able to move my family to one of the wealthiest zip codes in America with neighbors like Bill Gates, Brian Tracy, Joseph Coors of Coors Brewery, T. Boone Pickens, and numerous Pro Athletes. Real estate has also given me the ability to pursue my sports car hobby and create a collection I once dreamed of as a boy. Real estate investing has been good to me consistently for many years now.

You have likely seen me in national and local media like CBS News and National Mortgage News where I am usually featured for my insight into local real estate trends in CA, NV, and FL.

I specialize in real estate and private money lending and have completed more than 1,300 transactions across California, Nevada, and Florida. Because I am a specialist you can trust I am not here to sell you theory or general knowledge you can find easily elsewhere (which usually does not equate to any real profits).

Let me take a moment now to say my results are not typical. Let me go a step further by saying that typical results are that you will get no result. Honestly, in my experience, most people who invest in programs like mine go on to never apply what they learned. I make no claim that you are guaranteed income. As with all things worth in life worth doing what I have accomplished takes work, discipline, and consistent effort. If you want to learn how I did it just click here for my free real estate investing course.

Our Private Equity Fund is focused on Southern California and is projected to close out the year with an Annualized Rate of Return of 53.8% in 2011 and that’s just one fund…Our New Apartment Building Fund in the Sunbelt States… …as well as another Fund focused on Florida Keys alone.

I’ve trained high net worth people to become local hard-money lenders (so needless to say my access to real estate deal funding is beyond compare in the U.S. for my niche and you have the potential to tap into that).

I have shared the stage with legends like T. Harv Eker, Robert Allen, Marshall Sylver, and Mark Victor Hansen and have been a featured guest in top secret masterminds that attendees have paid $10,000.00 to attend. Because you might not already know me (and also because of my passion for sharing) you will get some of my best kept secrets here today for free just so we can start off on the right foot.

My family had investment properties when I was young and I always had to work on them. I’ve seen start to finish deals since I was a boy (and I love sharing that knowledge with other motivated people looking for an edge).

But I Started Out A Wanna-Be Race Car Driver
Who Finally Woke Up, Got Smart, And Did Deals

I wasn’t always so savvy at real estate. In fact, there was a time where I was convinced I’d be a daredevil speed junkie (don’t laugh, I don’t mean drugs, I mean fast vehicles). Do you know anyone else who got their pilot’s license at 17? I didn’t think so. No longer willing to put my Mom through any more grief I tried to straighten out and go to school (that didn’t work out so hot either as you might imagine).

So, of course, I became entrepreneurial.

And, of course, I chose real estate to make my fortune.

Sadly, though I tried to do it the “get rich quick” way, it took me really going back to the school of hard knocks for just a little bit to get the whole machine up and running. I wasted a ton of money on courses and seminars (don’t get me wrong, some were great, but I like things simple…if it requires too much work then it’s just not for me).

And then I cracked the code and things not only became easier, but I made money faster. The feeling of crystal clarity and abundance was amazing and I will never live without it again. I will be revealing many of my formulas for success later on this page so keep reading to find out more.

But I still found ways to improve. I began to tap into more money and automate more of my business. It’s quite a machine right now. But there was a time I was just like you …exactly where you are at right now. I came a long way and I can help you meet me here faster while avoiding all the mistakes I made. That’s why I made this page with this opportunity.

And now I’m here…

Revealing my secrets…

With you (click here to sign up for my free house flipping course).

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