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Flipping San Diego on A&E Gets Second Season

Flipping San Diego

Apparently the execs at A&E have decided to allow Chris Bedgood, Elisa Stabile and I on TV… again! I figured the repulsive stench laden houses, our crazy antics, bickering, and our socially unacceptable behavior was sure to get us banished from ever being on TV. Needless to say we are all very excited.

Flipping San DiegoI’m grateful to A&E and Departure Films for their guidance and vision. For making our show a reality (no pun intended). I’m also grateful to everyone behind the scene. Those people who work tirelessly but don’t get their 30 seconds of fame. Producers, editors, graphic artists, sound techs, etc. And our construction and real estate teams. Without each player the entire machine just wouldn’t work as well as it does.

And then are all of you crazy people, family, friends, fans and yes… even those of you who hate us, who make the show possible.

So tune in to A&E, watch reruns, and prepare yourself for more transformation of pigs into swans. Because we have a slew of UGLY houses right now!

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5 Quick + Easy Home Renovation Tips- from A&E’s Flipping San Diego

Here are some quick + easy tips if you are in the middle of a home renovation or if you’re looking to flip a property and make a nice profit.  These are some of the tricks you’ll see us implementing on A&E’s hit tv show, Flipping San Diego.  Tune in every Saturday (for most cable providers it airs at 12 p.m. EST, 11 a.m. CST and 12 p.m. PST but check with your local cable provider- HD channels may have different show times.)

Testing the foundation of a home (It’s all about the game of golf!  What?)
One of the easiest ways to check the foundation of a home is to use a golf ball.  This is a handy-dandy tool that rehabbers use when inspecting a property.  It’s really as simple as locating all rooms in the house that have a hard surface (linoleum, wood, tile, etc) and dropping the ball on the floor.   You can quickly determine if the house  has settled unevenly or was built with an uneven foundation by watching if the ball rolls to one particular side of the room.  Obviously this will not work on surfaces covered with carpet, but it will work in any room that has a hard floor.  You can also use this simple test to check the outside surfaces, such as patios, hardscape, walkways, etc.

Windows and Doors (the “eyes to the soul” of your home)
If you are undertaking a home renovation, you certainly don’t want to overlook updating the windows and possibly replacing old doors (interior, exterior and garage).  Updating windows is a great way to ensure that your home is energy efficient.  Double paned windows not only save energy (which in turn has a money saving factor by reducing the amount of heating or cooling you use each year) but they also add to a home’s value.  Keep in mind replacing only one or several windows will not have the same effect.  If you are going to purchase double-paned windows, you should really replace all of the windows in the home.

Whether you are fixing your home up to live in or to flip, updating the interior and exterior doors (along with the garage door) can greatly improve the overall aesthetic of your home.  There are many great products on the market and the possibilities are endless.

Create a wow-factor (without blowing the bank!)
One way to stretch your dollar during home improvement in the bathroom is to choose a custom tile that you really love and use it as an accent tile.  You can use just a small amount of the custom tile to create a pretty border or create a decorative pattern and for the rest of the space you need to cover you can use a more affordable tile.  The end result is still the same- your bathroom has a very custom design.  In fact, this same strategy can be applied to the kitchen or any room you are doing tile work.   Keep an eye out for close-out specials on custom tile.  Many times you can get unique, expensive tile at a fraction of the cost because the style is no longer being manufactured.

Painting Tips (and you thought the fridge was for food!)
Contractors can provide you with great tips and tricks of their trade.  One of the best tips comes from a painting contractor who shared these two helpful tips for extending the life of paint and rollers.  After you are done using a roller, grab a roll of plastic wrap and tear off a piece that will allow you to wrap the roller several times.  Many people just discard their rollers, preferring not to go through the hassle of washing them out or they use up tons of water trying to get the roller clean.  Both are incredibly wasteful.  After wrapping the roller, place it in the fridge.  The plastic wrap and temperature help to keep the roller fresh and the paint that is on it will stay fresh too.

When you’re ready to continue painting, you simply unwrap the roller and you are ready to go.

When storing left-over paint, canning jars make a great storage device because they are smaller than the typical paint cans and they seal up really well so less air can come in contact with the paint.  If storing paint in cans, keep the cans in a dry area off the floor (to avoid rusting) and somewhere cool so as to avoid direct sunlight.

How to brighten a room (and let the love shine in)
Lighting has come a long way baby!  It’s no longer just for functional purposes.  It is part of the whole design aesthetic of a home.

When giving your home a make-over, you can transform a dull room into a warm and beautiful space by changing out your light fixtures.    Also, fluorescent lighting is a dinosaur in the design world.  Get rid of it!  Consider installing pendant lighting. This can give a great modern design aesthetic to a kitchen. You can find some really great lighting fixtures that use more energy-efficient light bulbs in any home-improvement store.  Whether your eye is drawn to modern metals and crisp lines or to the urban chic of a more rustic style, use new lighting to tie in your overall design theme.

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